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What Is myRAC

myRac otherwise known as My Race Achievement Collection .

myRac is an immaculate answer for runners to store and showcase your race medals and bibs. Now you can store and showcase your single race kit into a single portfolio.

No more medals scrambled all over and lanyards entangled in your drawer, or medals gathering dust on the hanger holder.

Store and Showcase Your Mementos

myRAC offers you different solutions from medal racefolio to individual racefolio to customized folders with your own photos and tagline.

All Runners ‘s Favourite

Drawer Full Of Medals

Stop Messing Your Drawer

Showcase all your glorious medals. Stop chucking all your medal into your drawer.

No more ugly medals hanger. Now you can place your medal and race bib in an individual racefolio and store in myRAC folder.

Personalized myRAC Folder

Personalized myRAC Folder

You can now choose your preferred design and personalize your own folder with your name , photos and tagline.Equipped with strong mechanism 3 ring bind to keep all racefolios in place.

myRAC Standard Folder

Each folders can store up to 25 folios. myRAC folders are sturdy with sleek design quality finishing.
Equipped with strong mechanism 3 ring bind to keep all racefolios in place.

myRAC Racefolio

Each racefolio can place 1 race bib, 1 medal, 4R or 6R Photo, timescore and notes.

myRAC Medalfolio

Each medal racefolio can place 3 medal, 4R or 6R Photo, 3 respective timescore and notes.

Race Event Folders

Race Event folder is an excellent branding tools that are also exceptionally useful for pulling all your marketing .

myRAC folders can be quite a versatile item that goes beyond mere stationery. They can be powerful marketing tools to directly and indirectly expose your branding .

Every single time runners completed their race, they will use the folder to place all their race kits into this folder. This effectively serve as a reminder to runners to participate your next race events.


World 1st Racefolio designed specially for runners to store and showcase race medals and bibs in a single portfolio.

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